Amsterdam is already well known for its vibrant culture and rich history. Our goal was to not compete with the existing city, but to enhance it. Abstracting materials, colors, and shapes from the surrounding context and symbolism of the city allowed us to create a new landmark for Amsterdam. The bridge is efficient, but also enhances the daily experience of the average Amsterdammer. A direct path across the canal gives everyday users an efficient route to their destination, while the elevated curved path allows for a longer, more relaxed time for the visitor focused on experience. The arches recall the form of existing Amsterdam bridges, while the masts emulate the deep ties to the fishing village that Amsterdam was founded upon. Users are allowed the chance to “play” with the bridge itself through the incorporation of an interactive lighting element. As pedestrians and cyclists enter the bridge, they are immediately assigned a color; the pressure sensors located along the path allow the lights to follow each user and lead them across the bridge. This design enhances the present day Amsterdam and  serves as a reminder of the city’s ancestors. 
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