Brooke A. Ryan
Bachelor of Architecture
Minor in Marketing
Oklahoma State University   |   May 2021

Architectural Licensure Candidate
Expected Completion | Dec 2023

Hello! I am Brooke Ryan and I am originally from El Dorado, Kansas. After college graduation in May of 2021, I moved to Dallas, Texas for a role in architecture for a multi-family development company.  I am currently on the Design-Build team as an Associate Project Manager at Streetlights Residential. This position is equal to a Job Captain at other firms. I am the first employee hired right out of  school for their architecture team and I have come to learn a lot about architecture and myself through my time here. While in school, I pursued a minor in marketing and took courses that included design essentials, using a variety of Adobe products, and how to engage and run a successful social media page.

Here are a few things about me:  I believe sunrise is the most beautiful time of day. I really enjoy bad reality tv shows.  I can be a very serious person, but I also enjoy having a fun time.  I was once paid $20 by a fellow student because I was able to work the Baby Shark song into a professional jury presentation.  I am also a big fan of all kinds of food, so if you have any recommendations, please send them my way.

Short-Term Goals:                                                   Long-Term Goals:
Become a licensed architect.                               Own my own firm.
Get a dog.                                                                  Own lots of dogs.
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AKA - Send me your food recommendations
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