Discussion of sexual assault is often seen as taboo, even though it is an epidemic that plagues our entire world.  For decades the subject has been ignored in hopes it will improve.  This is not an easy conversation, but without conversation, change cannot happen.  Throughout this semester, we challenged ourselves to create a variety of discussion and learning opportunities to inform the everyday person about sexual assault.  Many victims choose to stay silent, but that does not make the situation any    less serious.  We have worked to create a safe, educational space for people to find resources on how to seek help if affected by this epidemic, how the user can stay safe    and protect others, and how people can be an ally to victims.
We have challenged ourselves to bring awareness to the issue, provide resources, create a discussion, bring identity back to victims, let victims know they are not alone, and make the content relatable for simple understanding.  We continued to challenge ourselves to not make victims or other users feel uncomfortable, keeping the subject light, and present information in a way to not let people continue to ignore this issue. These are lofty goals, but sexual assault should not be tolerated.  We look forward to expanding your knowledge on how you can help and explaining our ideas for possible solutions!

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